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Rachele Lynae certainly has the talent and story to
make her stand out in country music.
— Country Weekly

Grit and grace only begin to describe country recording artist Rachele Lynae.  Known for her storytelling lyrics with a mix of country, pop and guitar-driven rock, Rachele reveals another side with the release of her new faith-based single, “Guy In The Sky.” Cowritten by Rachele Lynae, Danick Dupelle, and Patricia Conroy, this thought-provoking ballad explores the way humans relate to God.  “It’s really a song about God’s faithfulness in the midst of our chaos… we treat him like a vending machine and He still takes care of us… we’re never alone.” Rachele says of the new track.  The choice to release the song was inspired by Rachele's dream to benefit charity through her music. “Last year was a rough one for so many people affected by natural disasters. When all the fires started hitting California, I knew I wanted to do something to encourage people to get involved in helping the victims, and I felt like “Guy In The Sky” would be a great way to thank people for giving” Lynae explains.  Rachele partnered with Music For Relief to raise funds and attention to the needs of wildfire victims and gifted the new song to anyone who chose to give. “Guy In The Sky” is now available on iTunes and Spotify along with a video for the song on YouTube.



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