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For the past several months Rachele Lynae has been focusing on growing her craft as a songwriter, and from that, her latest project was born. With a new vision and new material in hand, Rachele’s acoustic EP entitled “Running out of reasons” will debut this Tuesday with release of her first single as the title track. "I wanted to think of a new way to release music and from that we decided to not wait and release acoustic versions every 10 days along with acoustic videos capturing raw and unfiltered moments while I spent time in the desert finishing my project." says Rachele Lynae. Reflecting a west coast vibe, she co-wrote 4 songs on the EP. Before completing the album Rachele welcomes her fans to join her on her musical journey by hearing the acoustic versions first. "Each of the four songs started as a demo that fueled my artistic creativity too much to not let my fans hear the songs as they were created. So before I go releasing it as a four song shiny EP, I wanted to take you on this journey with me of hearing the acoustic versions first so that you can see the songs the way I first experienced them. "