Fringe Cuff

File Apr 29, 12 02 02 AMGary Allen has this amazing store in Nashville called The Label.  It was opened primarily to cater to the men in this town who were in need of some rockin unique clothing options, and I am SO thankful that they have expanded into the realm of women’s clothing as well! This fringe cuff is just one of many items that I have fallen in love with from The Label. You know my fringe obsession. In this pic, I’m wearing it on my left wrist. Lately, I’ve been wearing it on my right wrist (my guitar strumming wrist) and it adds movement and interest to my look on stage.

Aztec Necklace

File Apr 28, 1 33 41 AM

Come on, who doesn’t feel just a little more like a rockstar when mimicking the Man In Black?! I know I do, and honestly I also feel a little thinner in an all black outfit. However, my rule of thumb is that I have to include a unique and eye catching item that will stand out.  This necklace is a great example. I Love the blue stones that seem to give it an Aztec feel! I especially love to make it a focal point of the outfit whether that’s by wearing all black or a solid white or solid grey shirt. Keeping the clothing simple, keeps the jewelry rockin.

Young and free in Fringe

File Apr 28, 1 31 45 AMIt’s not a secret that I love fringe. Especially performing on stage, a little bit of fringe goes a long way to add life and movement to clothing! My new favorite piece that I wish I could wear every day (and yes it would look good on pajamas I swear!) is this fringe cape. You can drape it over any outfit and it makes the outfit turn into a beautiful statement.

I’m also in love with my new blush fringe boho vest that flows all the way to the ground. Perfect for a night out with my girls, or just, you know, because it’s Tuesday! Ha!


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